Well worth the hike!

After adventuring to the castle and around town yesterday, we began today’s class by visiting Dr. Michael Rosie, a sociologist at the University of Edinburgh. He gave us a history of the Scottish national identity and fielded questions about the politics, the economy, as well as international relations of Scotland.

When we exited the building it began to rain. Tansy, Justine, Laura, and I headed to the National Museum of Scotland to learn more about the history of Scotland’s people and view very interesting artifacts. The rooms were endless and in no particular order. I found myself lost from the group several times. After we had concluded the Scottish history section of the museum we wandered through several other sections of the museum before deciding that we must leave to have lunch.

A great thanks to Matt Hansen for the lunch selection. We went to Mum’s and had home-style comfort food for lunch. Perfect for a rainy day! The Chicken and Rosemary Pie was superb. You can even see the steam coming off the dish in this picture!

We visited a few local book shops. Then Tansy and Laura went to get groceries while Justine and I headed up the hill to return to the hotel. As we passed the path to the park near our hotel we noted that we had yet to trek up the hill to the park and decided to quickly jot up the hill. It was well worth it. Although it was a much larger trek than we had realized, we could see the entire city spread before us.

There were also several monuments. It was truly awesome. We were in complete awe of the beauty and how expansive Edinburgh is. I had been feeling that I knew my way around fairly well, but this afternoon showed me that I have only begun to see the wonders this city has to offer. And with that, we are off to the Jazz Bar for a night of live music and socializing.

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1 Response to Well worth the hike!

  1. booey1958 says:

    The picture of the chicken pie looks delicious. Tansy will have to make that for me.

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