Cobbers, or Mountain Goats?

I knew this day would be a day of greatness when I looked out the window and saw the clear, bright sky – a wonderful sign after two straight days of cold, rainy weather that leaves a person chilled to the bone. What better day than today to brave the steep inclines and rocky paths of Arthur’s Seat, an extinct volcano that looks over the city of Edinburgh?


Arthur’s Seat 

Our calves quickly felt the burn with each step we took up the path that would lead us on the meandering way to the top of Arthur’s Seat. But I didn’t seem to mind the burn so much; the panoramic view of the city and the sky were so breathtaking. We stopped our trek at regular intervals to snap pictures of the vibrant green landscape dotted with thorny bushes of yellow flowers. (Well, we also stopped to catch our breath at times.) Some of us got rather adventurous and decided it was a wonderful idea to climb around on the craggily rocks and cliffs. We were, in Karla’s words, perfect little mountain goats. We even survived walking up a particularly steep rocky path that Martin dubbed “The Path of Pain and Glory.” 

Reaching the top of Arthur’s Seat was truly an accomplishment. It epitomizes my experiences in Scotland so far; marvelous gems can be found everywhere. To the traveling American student, one extinct volcano on the outskirts of a bustling city becomes a testament to Scotland’s rugged beauty.

Also, as an amusing little side note to our adventures on Arthur’s Seat, Laura and I discovered one of the most majestic creatures of the Scottish animal kingdom. It is the rare and elusive hover bird. This particular bird appears to be either a crow or a raven, who, when confronted with the strong winds of Arthur’s Seat, appears to hover in place. Although it appears the bird’s intentions are to defy the direction of the wind, it finds that the wind is in fact a more powerful force that causes even the best of flyers to merely hover. Hence, it is known as the hover bird.

Despite speaking of Arthur’s Seat for the majority of the blog, I feel I must end this particular entry with the following:

Bin the bomb.

Bin the bomb.

Bin the bomb.

Ban Trident.

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2 Responses to Cobbers, or Mountain Goats?

  1. Tom Wells says:

    Great photo. I am glad I got to look at it and read about it because I dont think I could have climbed it.

  2. tewells says:

    I’m glad you’re following the blog, Dad! Each of us students gets to update it twice while on the trip. My first blogging day is the 15th! 🙂

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