Penguins, Koalas, and Pandas! Oh, my!

The other day I was strolling through a park during a torrential downpour. The rain and win had seemingly been raging the entire hour I had been walking, and my main mission was trying to stay as dry as possible. An older couple who were walking hand-in-hand passed me at a leisurely pace looking surprisingly dry and happy under their umbrella. As we crossed paths, the older gentleman called out “How about this weather, eh?” with a thick Scottish accent and smile. I laughed and smiled back, but inside I was thinking “Yeah! What about this weather!?” It seemed that whenever a Scot would joke about the weather with us, they would profusely apologize for the rain and would exclaim with confidence that if you didn’t like the weather, just wait 5 minutes for something else to come along. Mostly I thought this was a lie. I had trekked many a mile with my rain coat zipped and hood up while in this charming place.

However, today I can now call myself a believer. Of the 5 minute rule, that is.

During our first day free from class, we were able to choose what we wanted to do. Some of the students took the train to St. Andrews, home of St. Andrews University and the legendary golf course, and had the chance to explore a different town. A few of us, including myself, decided to spend the day at Edinburgh Zoo. We started off with sunshine and high spirits, knowing we would soon be laying eyes on Pandas, Koalas, and Tigers! The Zoo was great – especially the Pandas and Koalas in my opinion. Laura was especially excited to see the Lemurs when she realized they had them, but also agreed the Pandas were adorable. Jenny was excited to see the Pandas, too – most everyone at the zoo seemed excited for the pandas, overall.

Image  Image

The animals weren’t the only thing we noticed – after oohing and awing over penguins, the clouds rolled in and blocked the sun. A few minutes later, rain coats were needed. This was not an unusual occurrence; we’re used to, as we learned yesterday from Jean Walker, some Scots would say, “dreich” weather (dreary). But we weren’t prepared for what happened next. Next came hail. As I stood there being pelted by tiny pellets, I was dumbfounded. Hail!?  Before I could ponder it for too long, the hail cleared, the rain stopped, and the sun came out once again – in about 5 minutes. Apparently the Scots are right about the weather after all.

After the zoo, Laura and I walked in the rain and wind to go find an internet café to print out an assignment. Within that same hour, Ariel, Briana, Laura, Lauren, Justine, and I walked in the sun to go and enjoy a supper of scrumptious meat pies at The Piemaker. What a day.

Even though I experienced the truth behind the 5 minute rule today, I’m still bringing my rain coat everywhere I go – just in case.

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1 Response to Penguins, Koalas, and Pandas! Oh, my!

  1. booey1958 says:

    Probably should have purchased a wet suit and hard hat for the trip? The pie shop sounds good.

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