Staircases and Glasgow

Today we said goodbye to the Highlands and headed towards Glasgow. But before we left we visited Ben Nevis, the UK’s highest point, and Neptune’s Staircase, a staircase lock on the Caledonian Canal. We also climbed the Devil’s Staircase, and were rewarded with a beautiful view of Scottish mountains once we (kind of) reached the top.

Finally, we arrived in Glasgow and said goodbye to our wonderful tour guides, Craig and Laura. We are now staying in Glasgow Lofts. The rooms are very spacious and fully furnished. We even have a kitchen and washer for each room! The rooms are definitely a change from the hostels in the Highlands.

There are many differences between Glasgow and Edinburgh. The buildings here look “newer” and not as many people roam the streets, although there are still more people out and about than on and the streets of Fargo. Not everyone is as dressed up as they were in Edinburgh, and I didn’t notice as many elderly people walking around. As we had been told earlier in Edinburgh, Glasgow has been the working class city, while Edinburgh has been the white collar city. Laura (our tour guide) has told me that Glaswegians smile more than Edinburghians. 

One of the big differences is tourism. As Laura (my classmate) noted, Glasgow is significantly less touristy than Edinburgh. There are no men in kilts going around playing the bagpipes, no shops targeting tourists from other countries by hanging the tourists’ country’s’ flags from the store, and no one advertising for tours of the city. However, there is plenty to do here, such as music venues, museums, shopping, and, of course, ethnography. For the next week and a half we will each be conducting our ethnography as well we explore all the city of Glasgow has to offer.

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