Sweat: A Way to Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

This is most definitely shorts weather. I’ve even heard a few Glaswegians describe this weather as ‘tropical’ Glasgow weather. For one thing, it certainly makes exploring the city much easier when you don’t have to worry about lugging an umbrella and a jacket with you. I think I can speak for all of us when I say that this weather would be perfect if only our lovely apartments (I cannot in all honesty call them hotel rooms – they are far too luxurious for that) offered us some respite from the heat outside. As I’ve encountered in other parts of Europe, most European living arrangements do not have centralized air conditioning that keeps the indoors nice and frigid. Our Glasgow Lofts are no exception. Perhaps the lack of centralized air conditioning in Europe is due to Europeans’ desire to lessen their carbon footprint. After all, tolerating a bit of heat and sweat isn’t so bad when one thinks of how much energy is saved by not running centralized air conditioning. 

Our group meeting with Scottish Enterprise today only further cemented how important ‘going green’ is to the European mindset. Scottish Enterprise is governmental organization that works to stimulate Scotland’s economy. One of their goals is to create a low carbon economy, which uses efficient and sustainable technologies and practices to better Scotland and our planet. Scotland truly has a refreshing outlook on how we can use economy and technology to both benefit us and the planet.

After our very informative meeting with Scottish Enterprise, Karla and Andrew introduced us to yet another planet friendly part of Glasgow culture: the subway system. They took us for a ride on the subway and then left us to wander around new parts of the city. Steph, Briana, Lauren, Laura, Tansy, Justine, and I decided to try to locate a vegan pub/restaurant that I discovered online the night before. Suffice it to say, the heat and our aching feet halted our journey, and we were content to eat in a Japanese restaurant that we spotted along the way. It was great introducing Tansy to Japanese cuisine for the first time. Although she was hesitant at first to try sushi, she was adventurous and tried cucumber sushi… and she really enjoyed it! Being able to simply wander through a city on foot and spotting restaurants that offer a diverse range of ethnic foods is one of the joys of being in a city. 

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2 Responses to Sweat: A Way to Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

  1. Jean Barnhart says:

    It sounds like you have experienced all four seasons in a matter of days. I would say that is just like ND/MN. So did everyone have some summer attire in their bag? I have enjoyed reading everyone’s blog.

  2. Tom Wells says:

    Tansy ate sushi??? Next project is to get her to eat walleye!

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