And of course, there were the pipes.

Today marks the one week anniversary of our arrival in Glasgow! Because there hasn’t been a blog for the past couple of days i’ll fill you guys in on some of the stuff that has happened. For starters about half of our crew have become ill, luckily I’ve avoided the plague thus far, and the heat doesn’t help. The past few days have felt like we took a trip to a subtropic island with high temperatures and even higher humidity. On a lighter note, many of us have chosen our ethnography groups and have begun to do research. I chose to study the congregation of St. Andrew’s Cathedral and so far have spent a total of 7 hours in mass.

Moving on, Glasgow has a different feel to it than Edinburgh or the highlands. Here the facade of the rough and tumble kilt wearing Scotsman is almost no where to be seen. There aren’t the ultra touristy shops along the road advertising cheaply made kilts or dozens upon dozens of tartan trinkets. Glasgow seems to be a different place all together. Instead of being an ancient city with history that goes backs hundreds upon hundreds of years, Glasgow only rose to prominence during the industrial revolution because of its ship yards. Here the streets are laid out in grid format and the buildings of major corporations are clustered along the Clyde river.

While the lack of touristy shops and a modern feel with a vibrant music scene might be the cup of tea for some of us on the trip, it’s not for me. Instead of walking on sidewalks, i wouldn’t mind climbing another highland mountain or two. Regardless, were in the home stretch with only 9 more days until we fly back to the states. So at least for myself i need to dig in and enjoy what little time we have left in Scotland.

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1 Response to And of course, there were the pipes.

  1. Tom Wells says:

    Glasgow sounds like a Chicago back here. Hope everyone is feeling better.

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