Don’t forget to celebrate!

So, today marks the last full weekend we are to experience before returning to the US this coming Wednesday. For some it has effects on the types of observations they are able to do. Having chosen to study a music venue/pub myself, today is the start of a weekend which will be one of my best opportunities to do some research. For all, however, it is a beginning of their last weekend here, a reason to get out and celebrate. The rest of Scotland will be officially celebrating as this weekend is the Diamond Jubilee- a celebration of 60 years of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign.

I talked to my parents earlier in the day, and they expressed their concerns that I remember this is not a vacation, but a summer course, with grades and all those things as well. I assured them that I was prioritizing getting my research done in my time remaining here. With five days left before our return, it is increasingly becoming a struggle to devote the majority of time to research, while still leaving time and energy to go out and do other things throughout the city. Reflecting on time, it is startling for me to realize that five days is the average length of vacations most people take, and certainly the average amount of time I have traveled for on any occasion before this trip. Upon returning, it will be interesting to compare the effects of traveling for two such different lengths of time.

With so little time left, I find myself ranking what I feel is most important to accomplish before returning. Of course, completing my research is at the top of the list, but beyond that, all other goals seem to have a similar thought in mind. Before leaving Scotland, it is my wish to recount all the highlights of living here, and experience them one last time before leaving. This could mean different things to my fellow travelers than it does to me. For example, for tavelmate Laura Kuisle, this would involve drinking lots of Irn Bru, a soda that taste surprisingly like bubble gum. For me, however, it will mean taking advantage of a place with such a rich musical scene, and living under a sunset that just begs you not to go to bed too early. I hope that all my companions on the trip can fight the weariness of a long journey, and get out to see a few last things as well.

On that note, I better finally man up and try some haggis.

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1 Response to Don’t forget to celebrate!

  1. Tom Wells says:

    I am sure the place will be rocking this weekend because of the Queen’s Jubilee. There’s always time to celebrate in my view, you can’t just study and work all the time.

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